Apart from mid-level hires, we are also looking for fresh talent. Straight out of university, destined for great things.

Campus Recruitment

1Account Executive

Job Description

The contact point between the agency and client – you are the operator who keeps the wheels turning. Working with global and major local clients, it’s your job to unpick their marketing needs and work with the team to find the right inspiring solution.

The job is no easy one but highly rewarding. Interest in the advertising industry helps but it’s not must. What matters is a heart for detail and a love for communication. A little sprinkle of what we call ‘sabisu seishin’ in Japanese (service mindset) doesn’t go amiss either.


Job Description

The strategic masterminds who wrestle with market data and go out to find the latest cultural insight, all to build powerful marketing plans for our clients. Using the right mix of touch points, the planner’s job is to find the right way to bring the brand alive and make it resonate with the consumer.

While the work demands a deep understanding of consumer behavior and how advertisements work, juniors are encouraged to learn on the job shadowing senior planners in the initial phase of working in this field.

(English language skills are a must, and the other way round Japanese language skills are also of importance)

3Creative (Designer, Copywriter)

Job Description

From visualizing an idea in pictures and film to writing that unforgettable tagline that echoes through the generations, creative work is the bread butter of what we do. No idea can reach its full potential without the right execution.

Working closely with the planner and the account executive, its your job to turn business plans into what excites and delights our target.

The field is broad but if you feel you have a creative streak in you, with a penchant for expression, this might be your dream opportunity.

(Depending on the whole, speaking a second language is not necessary)

4Accountant (HR, Finance, General Affairs)

Job Description

No advertising agency can be successful without the important work of the people working in the background running of the company, those who mange the people, the money, and the information.

An ideal candidate will have experience with book keeping and/or finance, as well as experience working with bilingual documents. Experience always helps, but more than that we are looking for people who have the ability to learn quickly.

Application Qualification

  • - Those who graduates from either university of graduate school in the Autumn
  • - Those who are about to graduate from either university of graduate school in the Spring
  • - Those who are about to graduate from a vocational school in the Spring (Creatives)

The ideal candidate

  • - Somebody with a positive attitude
  • - Likes to communicate and engage with other people
  • - Interested in the advertising industry
  • - Able to speak Japanese (ideally JLPT 2 and above)

What we offer

Annual salary paid out in monthly installments (open for revision annually / social insurance / welfare insurance / paid commute / other

Days off

2 days per week (Saturday & Sunday) as well as bank holidays


Summer / Year End / Special circumstances / Maternity leave / annual paid holiday

How to Apply

Please send us

  • - CV with photo and contact details (ideally in Japanese format, purchasable in any major bookstore in Japan. If you can’t, just get in touch and we can figure it out)
  • - Letter of intent / an introduction of yourself (up to 2 pages of A4)
  • - For design applicants examples of previous works
  • - A signed copy of our privacy policy document, which can be downloaded under the following link: agreement.pdf (please make sure to put your address at the end of the document)

Please send all the paperwork by post to:
Standard Tsushin
Kita Aoyama 2-10-22
Tokyo 107-0061

Please note:
- We will not be able to return any of the paperwork you've submitted
- We will only use the paperwork for your application